The spirit that attaches has something in common with you:


Magnetic Resonance

I was called by a friend who was struggling with his son. It appeared that the young man had such a high level of fear that he was basically immobilized. I was at my home at the time of the call and “checked on” the child before driving over to see how I could help. What I saw, long distance through remote viewing was that an attached spirit was breaking apart within the aura and body of the young man. I knew from the visual that the child had to be freaking out. I knew it had to be beyond uncomfortable, that panic attacks were part of the process.
When I arrived I was informed that yes, the boy had a panic attack, but that the issue was bigger than that. The boy was terrified of germs and refused to leave the house or uncover his mouth and nose to prevent germs from invading him.
I checked on the spirit that was breaking apart, the spirit that was attached to the boy. The spirit was a male, an 80 year old man. I perceived through intuition that the attachment occurred in a hospital setting seven years prior. I was informed that the child’ father had died seven years before. So I thought I knew what broke the aura of the boy that allowed the attachment. But it was beyond grief that broke the aura. And the history of the death of the physical body of the spirit had a larger, issue laden process.
The spirit informed me that he was sick in the hospital with pneumonia, and the doctors said that he was so weak that if he caught an infection, that he would die. He could not fight off the bacteria. He was secluded as the staff tried to avoid the inevitable, which was an infection. The old man knew that bacteria could kill him, he was terrified of germs. And he died from germs….due to his frail condition.
The young man he attached to had something in common with him. It was not just that the boy’s aura was broken due to the grief and fear over his father’s pending death.

The young man also had a fear of germs he inherited/learned from his family. His family had a history of fearing germs, infections, etc. That commonality ensured that the old man’s spirit was drawn to the already broken young man.

Why did it take seven years for the spirit issues to get this out of control? The unraveling started two weeks prior to the boy’s crisis and panic attacks. The crisis started with the anniversary of the death of the father, seven years prior. And because no one really knew how depressed and “broken” the boy was from holding himself together all those years, the depression was able to trigger several unresolved congestions/issues at the same time.
I worked with the boy and released the spirit through mantras (“Even though I am afraid to die of an infection, I love and accept myself”) and Flores de Isis Depression and Spirit Evolution sprays. The old man left easily (a modern day exorcism) and a family member who witnessed the clearing said that she could see when the spirit was leaving and how the boy calmed down at the same time.