Thyroid Problems?

Thyroid Problems?

releaseing rage sketch
Your astral body emotes or hangs onto negative  emotional particles and they  congest  when you don’t release, when you  repress your true emotional reaction.
The  mindstrings, channels  that your mind flows through, grabs on to these  negative l thoughts and emotions and stops the flow in that part of your body and aura.
This man in the sketch above  has hyperthyroidism due to his holding of the memory and his emotional reaction to being strangled. It was a parent that grabbed him by the throat and made him “feeL’ like he was being strangled. How many of you has that happened to?

What are you holding in your mind and body that is already a disease or on its way to being the “seed” or vasana of a future disease?

The Fox Strings  Model “explains” all that you see in the graphics.

Your astral and other energy bodies event October 25-26, 2014

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Join us on October 25-26, 2014 for a 2 days seminar to learn how to diagnose your mindstrings, astral/emotional body, your etheric electromagnetic body and your subconscious intentions held in your causal body so you too can release bad energies with simple cost free techniques that even your children can use.
¨     Learn how to emote as in release emotions gracefully through Purification Mantras.
¨     Learn how to release your midstrings with the Fox Mind Stretch.
¨     Learn how to align with your sub consciousness intentions with the Intention Mantra