Video: Depression, Addictions because of Environmental Influences

A new silent factor in your immune system and health


It has been 2 decades since I began diagnosing the root injury of a child’s learning disabilities being due to sleeping in a room where outside the property there was a transformer. It is a huge new original injury in the augmentation of autism today, starting with sonograms.  I have found this radiation a factor in most autistic children today.

It is also a huge factor in ADD and ADHD. The radiation is the element of fire and it creates distraction and hyperactivity issues in adults also, not just kids. The client in this video is severely ADD too.


When I do executive coaching or sales training today, I have found that sleeping with a cell phone next to the head is frequently a factor in reduced sales or issues with employees performance. Placing the cell phone in between the legs while driving has also come up entirely too many times while using psychic abilities to diagnose what can help a particular executive.

The other dimensions of your environment

Pay attention to all the radiation in your environment because the public health officials are not allowed to tell you what they already know, not just in Europe but here in the US: radiation is the biggest influence today on your health. For some reason we do not remember that cell phone are powered by microwave and radiate microwave, a frequency we were warned about when we bought microwave ovens.

Huge newest factor: Digital Smart Meters

This particular client was influenced by this silent  invasion before the famous SMART METERS which most of us have installed in our homes. They radiate 1,000 times of microwave that a cell phone. Pay attention, the Ebola crisis should prompt you to become more  savvy  about these silent, invisible and horrifying factors in your health that the government is  surprisingly reticent about.