Video: December 2012, Mayan Prophesies, Planetary Alignments, Chakras


At this time there are planetary configurations in the skies that have never occurred before. These are influencing human behavior and changing the history of the planet.

 Mayan Prophesies

The Mayans predicted a transformational planetary configuration which highlights December 21st 2012 as a focal point, ushering in a new planetary cycle.

What is happening in the stars is also happening on Planet Earth as accurately predicted by the Mayans

 The Mayans described, in exquisite symbolism what will happen at sunrise on December 21, 2012:

“the Sun rises to conjoin the center of the Sacred Tree, the World Tree, the Tree of Life”

 This planetary configuration is unique and ushers in the dawn of a new era and a new way of being.  The world as we knew it may no longer exist after the formation of the Galactic Tree of Life in the heavens.

How do we most effectively align with what is happening with the planets?

 Frances has developed a new type of yoga called Frances Fox Mental Yoga to address the issues accelerated by the transformation  the planets are pushing…

This very yoga was designed to synchronize  with planetary movements.

Frances Fox  Mental Yoga aligns each individuals’ chakra system to the sacred  transformation in the heavens.

You have 7 upper chakras And 7 lower chakras with a doorway in between  called the Brahmahvara, a gate to the underworld called Xibalba by the Mayans.

The Brahmahvara gate inbetween the 2 sets of charkas separate the “hell” of Xibalaba, from the top chakras.

 That doorway is at to the bottom of the Tree of Life the Mayans   say will finish forming in the stars on December 21, 2102

 According to the Mayans, at sunrise on December 21, 2012: “the Sun rises to conjoin the center of the Tree of Life” at the same time we align with  the Xibalaba, a dark road what science calls the Dark Rift, a super massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way.  

The gate to Xibalba, to hell in the human chakra system is the Brahmahvara

 Earths’ Brahmahvara

In 2010 an explosion at Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico caused the worst oil spill in US history. The drilling    perforated the earth   at a depth of 5,000 feet and caused an oil leak.

Unbeknownst to scientists and the public at large, the perforation of the earth broke through the earths’ Brahmahvara, rupturing the natural protection humans had to Xibalba, the dark road to the underworld.

 Mayans understood the importance of our Galaxy aligning with the Tree of Life and the abyss at its base.  I believe they knew that, for the first time in 26,000 years Planet Earth would be aligned with the dark road to the underworld.

What to do?

Remember, the future is elastic and plastic. No one really knows how this will end. Our religions and prophets tell us the next cycle will be like a Golden Age. In the Bible it is described as the City of Gold and Nostradamus said we would have 1,000 years of peace.

So how do we do to ensure our evolutionary process is not like the worst images in the “apocalypse”?

We need to understand the   laws of metaphysics and the energetic structures of the   unseen world because we may have a choice.

  We can ascend the Tree of Life chakra system and unite with the sacred
or we  can slip into the underworld because our  Brahmahvara is broken
We suggest this mantra repeated 25 times a day in silence and with rhythmic breath:


Please God help us with our intention to protect and heal our Brahmahvara.

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