Potential Catastrophe in the US

East Coast  was on Fire With Rage Over the Debt Crisis

Note on September 18, 2013

It is being said that FEMA is preparing for a potential  a natural catastrophe in the DC area in the next several  of weeks, and in Washington D.C. we are again at war with each other, violently angry, and even more frustrated with the governmental process. Just check the news and you can see that everyone has an excess of fire element due to their political inclinations, Obamacare, the potential war with Syria and now the debt ceiling crisis….all at one, ready to explode. Will Mother Nature send another earthquake as FEMA is anticipating or will civil war break out?

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Written 8/25/2011

We had an earthquake on the East Coast on Tuesday the 23 of August. It  was very strong for what has been the history of the East Coast historically but not very large in comparison to what the earth, Mother Earth has sustained in the last several months. Mother Earth is a living, sentient being, willing to absorb human negative emotions in order to relieve us of that burden.But when there is an excess of emotions, such as we have experienced in the last several months with the housing crisis, the credit rating crisis and the battle between politicians over who has the “right” answers, then Mother Earth “breaks”.

There is a direct connection between that earthquake and the excess emotions, particularly the repressed emotions of millions of people who watched the debate/battle over who is going to control the decision making process in this country. Generally there is a 4-6 week lapse between when Mother Earth breaks and the earthquake or volcanic eruption. So lets go back 4-6 weeks to see what happened on the East Coast centered in Washington,……specifically, that would have caused such a volume of repressed negative emotions.

Who can forget the  last two weeks of July? It  was full of repressed and sometimes expressed rage of both Republicans and Democrats due to the credit crisis. Add to that the millions of Americans who felt helpless watching their Congress simply unable to work together for a resolution of the issues. No one can deny that the end of July was  a time of unparalleled crisis in this country, all centered around Washington D.C.

Connection between repressed rage and earthquake

Repressed rage, repressed fear, impotence and sheer shock at what the entire country witnessed is more than enough to explain the earthquake. This is what a purification by the elements is all about. The earth element puts out the fire element…rage is fire…and there was too much fire on the East Coast.

Our friends the animals are psychic?

So nature and the elements are here to help humans find balance in their lives. And our precious animals are here to also pitch in, often letting us know in advance of pending purification…which is what humans call natural catastrophes:

The (Washington) Post reported that the first warnings of the quake may have come from the National Zoo, where officials said red-ruffed lemurs began “alarm    calling”    a  full 15 minutes before the quake hit and. In the great ape house, Iris the orangutan bellowed 10 seconds before the keepers felt it.


Earth puts out fire and water does also. It is not a coincidence that this hurricane Irene did not do as much damage as predicted in terms of wind, but  limited itself mainly to water damage. Water puts out fire, wind augments fire, therefore the  elements knew that to be efficient this needed to be a big hurricane with lots of water and not so much wind…and so it was!