We really do not know when a human is “dead”.


There are parts of the world that “know” that lack of breathing does not constitute death. And there are cultures that do not consider you “dead” until 3 days after the last breath.  
It is time we reach out to the East to incorporate their knowledge about what constitutes a human being. Our lack of vital information about what a human being is has us burying people who are alive.
BBC News  
March 13, 2007
German woman sent to morgue alive
An elderly woman in Germany died from the effects of cold after being sent to a morgue while still alive, prosecutors have said.
The 72-year-old woman, whose name has not been disclosed, lost consciousness after falling over in an old people’s home in the city of Wuppertal last month.


The pallor of the woman’s skin caused the doctor who examined her to pronounce the woman dead and he had her sent to the morgue.
But seven hours later when cemetery workers removed the corpse for burial they realised the woman had only been dead a very short time, prosecutor Ralph Meyer said.
The doctor has not been charged, although he is the subject of an investigation.
“We can’t be certain at this point whether the woman died of cold in the morgue, but it seems quite likely and this is why we have decided to investigate the doctor’s responsibility,” said Mr Meyer.

Morgue mix-ups shock Argentines
By Daniel Schweimler 
BBC News, Buenos Aire



 August 5, 2007
BBC News
Investigations are under way in Argentina after two people – a man aged 71 and a premature baby – were falsely declared dead in separate incidents.
Juan Llandor’s family started making funeral arrangements after being informed that he had died after a four-year fight against kidney cancer.
His body was moved to the hospital morgue for collection by undertakers.
But three hours later, a hospital employee went to move another body and realised that Mr Llandor was breathing.
The family was called again and they postponed the funeral.
“It was an incredible situation,” said his daughter, Ana Maria.
Meanwhile, there was a similar incident in another town in Buenos Aires province when a baby girl was born prematurely.
Doctors tried to revive her, but she was declared dead shortly afterwards and the body taken to the morgue.
But several hours later, she was found crying.
The mother was called and declared her daughter to be a miracle.
Unfortunately, she died three days later. 


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