We Spoke to Hurricane Joaquin

We spoke to Hurricane Joaquin

October 1, 2015 5:48 PM

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Hello Joaquin, what is going on? It looks like you may hit us again?

We come in peace but we will make a lot of problems for people who have abused the land and the sea.

We feel like we have not been listened to. The issue of worldwide abuse of the elements has now turned into a conversation. The people who are aware of what humans have done to hurt the elements are proud they do not close their eyes to the issue, but too many of those same people do not do anything to correct the abuse.

Why do you continue to build on the coastlines? Why are poor people denied access to beaches and shoreline? Why have you not leaned from the past?

OK, we agree, but what can we expect from you?

There has been a decision made at the highest level of consciousness on this Planet, that humans must be stopped from continuing to abuse the elements, nature, the shoreline, the forests.

That decision will shock those who read this: It is now time for natural catastrophes that destroy borders and that cannot be put away by turning off the TV.

This hurricane will remind everyone of the prophesies in the Bible and the Hopi prophesies about end times.

OK, how do we prepare, what should we know?

Know that all has consciousness, including the walls of your home. Ask your home what it needs to stay safe, to continue to protect you from the elements. Ask the walls of your home what to do.

This is an appropriate time to discuss what you have done to one of our sacred plants, cannabis. If you knew what cannabis can do for your spiritual development, you would know that this would be a time to use it and ask the spirits what you should do to stay safe.

But here in Miami we are not in danger

There will be a slow collapsing of systems that hold this country together. Joaquin may not hit you, but you will suffer the results of this hurricane.

More info?

The city you are so proud of is the Babylon referred to in the Bible. That is New York City. New York city is the opposite of community, of sacred, of spirituality. It is a city of greed, the epitome of greed.

The stock exchange is supposed to show the economic stability of the finances in the US but what it shows is the greed of those who control the economic system.

The Twin Towers that were taken down in 9/11 should never have been rebuilt. That land and the land near it are sick, and should not be the center of finances as it is again becoming.

I am afraid to post this; we know the future is elastic and plastic. I do not want to look bad if you decide not to hit the US coast

You do not have anything to be afraid of. The decision has been made, there is no alternative.

We are not asking that you turn to the Bible to seek information about these difficult times ahead. But we do ask you to learn quickly to speak to your home, to speak to the spirits that surround you and to speak to your pets, as they all wait patiently to fulfill their mission to guide you more gracefully into the Golden Age.