Why are you wearing jeans made out of "spirits"?

Jesus Christ cast out spirits….and we are paying to wear them?

Why would anyone voluntarily wear the same spirits they are trying to avoid?

Why do we put our “spirit haunted” eco friendly clothing inside closets when everyone knows spirits love  closets and can hide out there for years!

Spiritually Sophisticated About Your Clothing? Facts:

Why are we wearing clothing made out of spirits?… I guarantee those animals that died did not have a Buddhist or Catholic ceremony to send their spirit off to the light!

I love the Buddha’s wisdom. He said the basis for human misery was ignorance. And he is right, at least as it concerns the issue of spirits. We are now wearing spirits when we wear econ friendly cotton and polyester…and we wonder why more than 24% of the population is mentally ill and our children the hardest hit! Some information below, you draw your own conclusions but I hope it does not take us as long to become spiritually sophisticated about our clothing as it did when faced with the Monsanto issue with our sacred wheat.

When its latest line of jeans arrives in stores early next year, the pitch will be: “These jeans are made of garbage.” Crushed brown and green plastic bottles will be on display nearby. Eight of those are blended into each pair of Levi’s new Waste‹Less jeans, which are composed of at least 20 percent recycled plastic. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-10-18/levis-goes-green-with-waste-less-jeans

It takes 18 post-consumer 16 oz. plastic drinking bottles to make one yard of our material? http://www.engagegreen.com/pages/material/

I am going to use the Liberation Flower Essences from our Purification Collection to see if it will liberate anything from my eco friendly cotton shirts I purchased recently, and I am scared to try and liberate my jeans! Check out what happened when I used the Liberation Flower Essences to purify my chicken sandwich!