WEIRD LEVEL OF EXHAUSTION? Radiation from cell phones, WiFi, cell phone towers are a huge factor in the weird level of exhaustion today.
Radiation from cell phones, WiFi, cell phone towers are a huge factor in the weird level of exhaustion today.

Your cell phone and laptop radiate microwave, the same electromagnetic frequency that cooks your food and makes water boil. Resting your head on a wireless computer is as bad as putting a cell phone next to your ear. This is some of what  THE MICROWAVE RADIATING FROM YOUR DEVICES DOES TO YOUR CHAKRAS  and maybe we will realize there is no mystery to why people are feeling so burned out!

   CHAKRA ONE is radiated if you hold your cell phone in between your legs. chakra one is your root chakra and is all about prosperity and security.

   CHAKRA TWO  is radiated with microwave if you hold your cell phone on your waistband and all the while you are texting because Chakra two is 2 inches below your belly button.

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Chakra two is your sacral which means sacred, sexual chakra, and you know what that means. It is also the chakra that hold the energy of joy, which is closely related to orgasm…so maybe you might not want to radiate chakra two either…

   CHAKRA FOUR  is your heart chakra. Your heart chakra has strings (called mindstreams) that extend out into your hands. Chakra four is all about love, intelligence of the heart and compassion. The Buddha and Christ recommended the path of compassion and love as the only way to live IF you want to be happy. When you hold your cell phone in your hands you are burning up the petals of your heart chakra, reducing your compassion, empathy  and more…you are also making your physical heart weaker, as your heart chakra determines the health of your heart and lungs…

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CHAKRA FIVE IS YOUR THROAT CHAKRA. Today it is supposed to be the most important chakra of them all. It is now supposed to be the seat or center of minifestation!  It also determines the quality of your communication, the health of your thyroid and mouth, teeth, gums etc. And of course, every time you hold your cell phone to your ear, you are burning up the petals of your throat chakra

WAIT! Chakra five is where the really really bad invading spirits that have to do with becoming a zombie, enter your chakra system and your energy bodies!

So if it is weakened by cell phone use, or sleeping near your cell phone because you use it as an alarm clock, you are more susceptible to spirit invasion.

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CHAKRA SIX is your third eye chakra. It is in  the center of your forehead and it is in direct contact with the microwave radiating from your cell phone  when you hold it to your head.  Chakra six’s  health determines your melatonin levels which have to do with quality of sleep. Microwaving it all day long while you do business on your cell phone or chat with your lover may be the reason you are so unnaturally  tired.

It is also the seat of your wisdom and it holds lots of memories which you are in the process of erasing when you continually radiate it with your cell phone, being in close proximity to  routers, cell phone towers etc,  etc.

Memory loss is the biggest issue people are afraid of today yet there is no mystery. We are self administering electro shock which is known and used to erase memories!

It is also creates a state of mind called electrofog.…do we really need to tell you the symptoms or do you already suffer from them?

CHAKRA SEVEN is your crown chakra. It is on the top of your head and it is your direct connection to the sacred. It has to do with  your purpose in life, your mission. So if you are miserable in your job, your life, etc. it would be real important to not radiate this chakra with the microwave it is currently receiving from your cell phone held next to your ear.