Spirituality and Sexuality

Sexual Union Is Union With God

Dolphin “Opinions”

Sex is the greatest and easiest opportunity for union with God that humans have ever been offered. We say offered because many of you do not take what is available because of all the limitations placed on the joy of sex. Your religions, your cultures, your institutions have all played a part in limiting the quickest route to God.

In time, throughout history, humans have accessed the information that sex is good, that it is helpful to man, that it makes people healthier, that it has a joy that is not found elsewhere. And throughout history institutions and people that have been blocked in their quest for sexual expression, have tried, too successfully, to stop humans from this expressway to success, the human desire to feel complete.

Human Orgasm

Yes humans are aware that sex is important, but only as an instinct, a drive that is compared to the drive that animals have. But contrary to what your “science” and literature tells you, only humans can orgasm. Animals are already united with God; they do not need orgasm to get them there

The Existential Crisis

There is a connection between the act of sex, orgasm and love. If the heart chakra is not open, the orgasm is different, and does not reach the dimension where your “God” is. So sex as pure sex is not the spiritual pathway it could be. Sex with a prostitute or sex with a person you do not love does not afford you all of the benefits of sex with a loved partner.

Sex and Commitment

Of course humans have made the love connection frail by adding the element of commitment. It does not include commitment. It does include compassion and understanding. That understanding is too often missing when your pair off for sex. You think you need to also pair off to do life. That is not so

The commitment you add to the act of sex strangles the relationship. Men are more aware of this than women. Women have such fear of loss of protection that they strangle the love. Men strangle the love by not being with their women by abandoning them even while they are with them. Men are afraid to love women because they feel they will lose themselves. Women are afraid to love men because they are afraid they will be left alone.

The two issues are the opposite of the same coin but are the issues of the existential crisis, the crisis humans feel when they are separated from God.

We think you did not understand us. So we will say it again. The number one issue men and women have with/against each other is the issue caused by humans’ separation from God. Men want independence because they feel they will lose their individuality by uniting with God/woman, and women think they will be abandoned by God/men so they do not want to unite with men to avoid that pain.

The battle between male and female is a symptom of our trauma of separation from God.

The Doorway to God

Orgasm is when there is no division between you and other dimensions. It takes you out of this dimension where joy and fun is so limited. It takes you to dimensions where joy is the ultimate pleasure but always at your fingertips, not unreachable.

When orgasm includes love, it accesses the dimensions that are always outside of our reach, the places where God, the energy of God resides. That is, if we need to map it, above your head but also behind your body. Approximately 18 inches above the head and 22 inches behind the head. The door of Brahman is the exit point of the orgasm that reaches what you call God.


Door of Brahman: “A subtle or esoteric aperture in the crown of the head, the opening of sushumna nadi through which kundalini enters in ultimate Self Realization, and the spirit escapes at death. Only the spirits of the truly pure leave the body in this way.”