White/gold or blue/black dress? What it says about your vibe

Just as the Bible and the Mayans predicted, humans will divide in 2 groups with totally different realities EVEN AS THEY LIVE SIDE BY SIDE! And it all started, or at least was revealed, with a party dress!

Note from Frances: This is what the Dolphins said about the gold/white and blue/black dress controversy. I asked, because all day long I could see the dress as white and gold yet when I had a temper tantrum because some thing upset me, the dress was so “obviously” blue and black!
I am being told the young people all see it as black and blue…Let me know.

“The past weekend was a huge planetary and also galactic shift. The gap between those who resonate with gold and those who do not is getting bigger. In some cases it is huge. As you can see with yourself, when you get so angry, the blue comes in stronger. When you are not fighting, you have the resonance of the Golden Age and see the white and gold.”

Post note: from a teenager in Tampa:
“I am 16 years old, I asked 10 of my friends what color they saw the white/gold dress or blue/gold dress and 5 of my friends saw white and gold. What shocked me was that my friends that I thought were completely negative and depressed people were the ones that saw the dress white and gold!”
Facebook did some research on who saw it white/gold and who saw it black/blue:http://www.buzzfeed.com/stephaniemcneal/the-majority-of-facebook-users-saw-the-dress-as-white-and-go#.aegLy8PK5:

  • According to the data, younger users were more prone to seeing the dress as black and blue.
  • Facebook said users who were 13-17 years old were 10% more likely to see the dress as black and blue than those who were 55-64 years old.