Why North America Needs Marijuana

1/8/15 10:46 AM

Marijuana is a plant that has several intentions, depending on the part of the world the individual lives in.

If a person lives in Asia, where there is more community, less individualism and less personal power, marijuana helps them to feel more powerful, so they feel they can achieve their intentions. If it is a male it will help to reduce the feelings of helplessness when their power is blocked, which creates resentments, frustrations and a rage about the system or the mate that is blocking them. That same rage will ensure they will feel powerless the next time they are blocked even if they are not blocked. In that way a pattern and a cycle is set in stone and the person ends up with a history of institutions, mates or situations such as natural disasters, blocking their intentions.

In North America, where there is more individualism sometimes to the point of forgetting community, love, compassion and the group process, marijuana can help the individual to smooth the individuality characteristics so they can find pleasure and happiness in community.

Marijuana is a female plant

Marijuana is a female plant, which means it will add female energies to the individual using it. That makes it extremely important, as it is female energy that can help balance out the aggressive, violent energies that are making these times so difficult.

It is very simple: marijuana is a medicine, which by definition means to heal, to make whole. If it is used correctly, it can help the Planet bypass the prophesies of the violence we are already seeing playing out. That is why so many people are instinctively pushing for it in any way they can.

Marijuana and spirits

Marijuana works on the mindstrings, the strings that channel the individuals mind, relaxing them so they can more easily let go of what they are gripping. Marijuana works more on the left side of the body mindstrings, which are the element of fire and air. It works to balance those male elements.

Global Warming

Today the planet has an excess of the fire energy due to many things but primarily due to radiation.

”… the earth  (is) being enveloped in a dense fabric of artificially produced electromagnetic radiation; altogether a situation that has not previously existed in the evolution of our planet.” Note from Frances: Excellent quote but I don’t know where I got it!


Higgs Field breakdown

This radiation is breaking down the Higgs Field at a rate that is pushing the planet into a planetary crisis. We call it global warming, an excess of the fire element, but the true issue is the destruction of the Higgs Field, the destruction of the God Particles that make up the Higgs Field and the consequent destruction of the protection of the human mind from spirits of a completely different vibration.

Note from Frances about the Higgs Field: the Higgs Field is layer upon layer of grids that are aligned perfectly so that when energy flows, it will flow evenly through the lined up openings. And that is the point, that the layers align perfectly and in that way there is an orderly flow of energies. It is when the layers (Higgs Field) is damaged that there is no orderly flow of energies and other beings, thoughts and emotions can burst into/onto the individual who lives where the Higgs Field is broken)

The Higgs Field is made up of the God Particle and both the Higgs Field and the God particle are susceptible to excessive electromagnetic radiation and also congestions of negative emotions.

 Prior to the destruction of the Higgs Field on planet earth, individuals attracted, via the Law of Attraction, spirits/beings that had something in common with them, such as depression, anger, issues of sexual abuse, all the domain of psychotherapy and religions.

Now, there is no barrier to the invading spirits because the Higgs Field is a protective shield, so even if the individual purifies all your emotional baggage and lives correctly as in the food ingested and daily activities, if the Higgs Field is not strong, the person will be taken over by the spirits entering the planet now.

 Now, due to the lack of protection of the Higgs Field, humans are being invaded with beings that do not have anything in common with the individual they attach to or invade.

That is the importance of Marijuana at this time in human history, an assist in protecting the planet from invading forces, as predicted in the Bible and also by the Mayans.


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