Your chakras, Friday 12-21-2012

Weird and potentially life changing planetary alignement on December 21, 2012

Your Brahmahvara, your  door to Xibalba,  the road to the underworld according to the Mayans,  needs to be sealed shut by 12-21-2012.  Your Brahmahvara  protects you and your chakra system  from hell. It is 2 inches under your root chakra, if that helps.

And as if we did not have enough problems, on that date, our planet aligns with what scientists call the Dark Rift, a super massive black hole  discovered in 1974 in the center of the Milky Way.  The Mayans used different terms. They indicated that on that date Planet Earth would be aligned with Xibalba, the hole in the center of the Milky Way.

Your individual Brahmahvara is blown open by the trauma of losing your home, rape or sexual abuse, physical assault, terror…and other terrorizing situations. One  indicator  your individual Brahmahvara is blown open is hemorrhoids, chronic depression, rages, nightmares….Your Brahmahvara protects your upper chakras from invasion from the forces of hell.

Our planet has a Brahmahvara, a portal to the underworld. That means there is an underworld under our feet, and if that were not bad enough, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico blew open earth’s Brahmahvara….

So our planets’ Brahmahvara is broken and many of our individual Brahmahvaras are broken at a  time when, when for the first time  in 26,000 years, we align with the underworld, Xibalba, the dark road to  hell…

Was that was the Mayans and the Bible were trying to warn us about? To make sure we were protected from the potential consequences of this planetary alignment? Planet Earth aligned with hell?

The future is elastic and plastic

Even though there is a potential for disastrous consequences, we really don’t know  if the results of the alignment are going to be problematic or not. The  future is elastic and plastic. But there is something you can do and it is a simple mantra repeated in silence with rhythmic breath, 25 times a day:

Please God help me with my intention to seal my Brahmahvara

Note: Brahmahvara is a Hindu term and it means “portal to the underworld”.

There are Brahmahvaras, portals to the underworld in caves around the world, some are in Belize…and now the Gulf of Mexico.

In Venezuela there is one on a highway between Caracas and the airport and what oozes from it is called La Mancha Negra (The Black Stain) has caused over 2,000 deaths. The government cleans the black goo from the pavement and it reappears, like magic…