Zimmerman verdict a preamble to violence?


Mantras and More Mental Yogas

  Control the Outbreak of Violence in Your Life

Due to  the Zimmerman Verdict


Is it possible to avoid an outbreak of violence due to the Zimmerman trial verdict?



It is obvious that violence is spreading throughout the world, often in ways that don’t make sense, as in the 2nd Egyptian Revolution or the violence in Brazil.  Here in the US we have a population divided in its acceptance of the verdict of the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial.  Many can feel a swelling wave of potential violence due to people’s reactions to its “unfairness”.

Is it possible for you to be at peace or to achieve your goals in the middle of the potential violence that appeals to be building in this country? Is there something you can do as an individual to help diminish the energy of violence in your community in spite of the potential violence?

The definition of the word PEACE means an undisturbed state of mind, which is what we need: peace, personally, and as a nation. That state of mind is called EKAGRATA and is defined as single pointed focus which is the state of mind we call being in the zone. Miracles can occur when we are in that state of mind of single pointed focus but the potential reality of violence and war can cause anxiety, which will block us from achieving the life we want.

It is hard to imagine we can beat the overwhelming odds that appear to face us, yet great men throughout history have taught that our mind creates reality. John Lennon in his song Imagine and Michael Jackson with his music video Earth Song tried to teach us the concept of using our minds to create a peaceful life.


2. How do we keep a state of mind that ensures we are living as we intend? How do we keep focused and energize our intentions in spite of the violence and chaos of the outside world?

The Mantras and More Program consists of 5 Mental Yogas that can help you to live in a state of mind of powerfully focused intentionality so that you can create the life you want in spite of the current world and national events. The program exercises help us to understand the role of our mind in creating our reality and strengthen our God given power of manifestation. The program recommends we pay attention to the quality of our environment as it influences our ability to stay clear and focused on our intentions.


3. What is the number one mental yoga exercise that everyone should be doing today to offset the energies of the Zimmerman trial results?

We should be purifying our minds with a very simple mental yoga called the Purification Mantra. The biggest block we have today to keeping or improving the quality of our lives is the level of fear we have since 9/11, Katrina, Super storm Sandy, the Connecticut shootings and now the social unrest due to the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial results. These events have created collective traumas that are deeply engraved in our minds blocking our ability to stay focused and unable to focus fully on our intentions.

 We need to purify our minds of all these collective and personal negative images, emotions, thoughts, and traumas. In Sanskrit these are called vasanas, deep rooted scars on our mind, which have a magnetic quality. Unfortunately these vasanas activate the Law of Attraction drawing to you more of the same type of thoughts and even events.

The Purification Mantra works like a vacuum cleaner, finding and purifying our vasanas. The words of the mantra should address the state of mind we want to eradicate. 

Each and every one of us holds within our minds vasanas of repressed frustration of all the injustices that we have witnessed and have been done to us. In order to reduce the level of frustration in our personal lives and in our community at this time, it is appropriate to do the frustration Purification Mantra:

Even though we are frustrated

 We love and accept ourselves.


4. The Intention Mantra is a mantra that aligns our mind with our chosen intention, in this case to diminish the energy of violence in our community and country.

The Intention Mantra aligns us with your intentions by reorganizing the emotional vasanas in our mind, creating that state of mind called being in the zone. The words of the Intention Mantra, which will help with our collective intention to heal any underlying/repressed frustrations that could erupt into violence. The words of the mantra are repeated in silence and with rhythmic breath at least 25 times a day:

Please God help us with our intention to heal our  vasanas of violence.

5. There is another mental yoga that is a visualization called the Energizing Visualization

 It is a visualization that helps to create your reality energizing thoughtforma and images. We create reality by first creating what is called a thoughtform. A thoughtform is a thought with structure and an image. As your mind pays attention to and breathes into this thoughform, it moves from the subtler dimensions until it reaches the heaviest dimension, the physical dimension and it is then called reality.

Visualizations work because they focus your attention on your predetermined images, converting them into thoughtforms and then energizing them with your focused attention and breath till they become a manifested reality.

You can visualize a peaceful community without violence, people on picnics in parks instead of demonstrating with placards…people enjoying a dance party instead of rioting in the streets….


6. A special hand position called a mudra is also part of the Mantras and More Progam

Mudras are positions of the hands and fingers that create an intended state of mind. Often when we desire something it stays on the mental dimension, never becoming a reality. When we are overly mental it is hard to bring these dreams into reality. The Apana Mudra grounds our mind by connecting it with the physical dimension, infusing “life” into your dreams, turning them into intentions so they can manifest as realities. To do the Aprana Mudra touch the tips of your thumb, middle and ring fingers together, and then extend index and little fingers and when possible, rest the back of your hands on your thighs. You can do the Apana Mudra when you are walking or sitting.

7.  The Mantras and More Program recommends you protect your mind from intoxicated environments, especially electrosmog.

It is possible that electromagnetic radiation is the biggest issue today in regards to your intentionality. Protect yourself from the issues of electrohupersensitivity, electrosmog, electroaddiction and electrofog by monitoring and controlling the amount of time you spend on wireless devices and in places that are not natural. Try to eliminate as much electromagnetic radiation, particularly microwave technology in your life, as possible.  www.antennasearch.com will map out for you how many cell phone towers and antenna are near you.


8. Transference of Bad Energy

Monitor where you take your mind. Protect your mind from transference of bad energy by consciously choosing where you go, and whom you are with. The transference of bad energy from others is a very real issue and often debilitates your ability to stay focused and fully intended.

Mantras and More Program can help you to live in a state of mind of powerfully focused intentionality so that you can create the life you want, in spite of the state of the world today.

9. The future may be just like the past.

Years ago it was 9/11, then it was the Connecticut shootings, then the 2nd revolution in Egypt and now it is the verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial. It appears we are on a roller coaster of world events that include the potential and actuality of a violence that can topple governments and injure thousand of people.

Creating a Peaceful World/John Lennon, Michael Jackson

We have been told humans have the ability to master their destiny by creating/imagining a peaceful world. John Lennon son   Imagine and Michael Jackson in his video Earth Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAi3VTSdTxU tried to teach us that way of living. We can be masters of our destiny if we master our mind. And the Mental Yogas can assist in remaining in a harmonious state of mind in spite of..